ACSON 5.0HP (R410A) Celling Cassette Air-conditioner (A5CK50F/A5LC50D)

Product details

  • Cooling capacity 46,000 Btu
  • R410A refrigerant type
  • Exclusive 4-Way Air-Flow Auto Air Swing
  • Built-In High Head Drain Pump
  • Auto Random Restart
  • Self Diagnosis System
  • Wireless Controller
  • Negative Ionizer
  • Timer

5.0HP Air Conditioner 

Ceiling Cassette:

Acson Ceiling Cassette F Series is dignified grace in appearance and stylish. It is an ideal choice when you want a generous amount of air distribution or when there is limited ceiling space for ducted system. It provides total cooling comfort in a simple and elegant way yet preserving our ecosystem. Four different directions of air discharge provide you a 360 degree comfort cooling environment. Combining the power distribution and slim elegant panel; peace, comfort and style are unified together to ensure a state of serenity. Equipped with the advanced PLUSMA technology that can deodorize, sterilize and purify the air promotes a healthy lifestyle.


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